Charity Camel Trek  

Using our own two feet and camels to raise money for non-for-profit organisations close to heart

Tara Lea,  Adventuer Inspirational Speaker

2014 Team Members

This group of dedicated individuals will be doing the 'hard yards' of packing camels, walking through sand dunes, facing physical challenging beyond their wildest dreams while the desert sun shines on the expanses of land... FOR WHAT...? To campaign and advocate for the issues children as young as five face on a daily basis as a SOLD sex slave. The team aims to raise $10,000 to support Empower International to help reduce and safe house girls who desperately need our help and a chance to be a child. Each team member has a specific fundraising goal to reach, here on this page you can sponsor one of our team members so help them reach their $2,000 goal.  

"Every Child Deserves to be a Child!" - Tara Lea, Charity Camel Trek Founder.

Tara Lea
Charity Camel Trek Founder, Manager & Leader

In September 2014, holding a 2 month young baby and caring for my 3yo boy and 5yo girl I began to wonder, after watching endless amounts of documentaries on the reality of the child sex slavery issues, "What can 'I' do to help!?" I thought to myself  "I simply CANNOT sit here and NOT help!".... Then shortly after I was inspired by my partner Russell Osborne and his dedicated (2 year) camel expedition to help children who deseparty need their lives saved through surgery, and thought "I'll do one to help recuse girls from child sex slavery!". Now being a mum of 3 young children I knew my limits and rather than dedicate 1 or 2 years of walking across Australia with a bunch of camels - which was my initial thought (and still is - watch this space 2016!), I thought that I need something with less preparation and something that our own children could be involved in. That's when the 2014, 7 Day Charity Camel Trek was born! I decided to make it women only, mainly because it's a really tough gig and as a Life Coach I like to encourage women to get out of their comfort zones because that's where the magic happens! Women dedicated themselves to help our younger generations just felt 'right'. Russell and I share a business Australian Camels where we specialise in taking adventurous souls into the desert with our pack camels and allowing them the space to connect back to nature, animals and themselves. We're donating our time, equipment and camels to make this Charity Camel Trek possible. I'm in this for the long haul! I have an annual event planned for the next 3 years, one including my own personal expedition with a good friend of mine where we will train our own wild camels, learn all there is to know about expedition and walk in the desert alone for 30 days, Gibson desert to the Indian Ocean! An adventure I'm looking forward to on a personal level as well as campaigning, creating awareness and raising much needed dollars for the Child Sex Slavery issues in our world to help put an END to the 'industry'. If you're keen to join our 2015 team click above menu bar '2015 Charity Camel Trek'.

Keran Kramme
Early Childhood Educator, Mother, Grandmother 

I live in Sarsfield just outside of Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia. Im living with my Husband Gavin of 25 years and my youngest daughter Jenna 18, my eldest girl Mahli Jade 22 and son Jeremy 19 live in Bairnsdale, I am also blessed with a grandson Eli Rydah he's nearly two, I have two kittens 'Tigerlily and Angel', a few cows a horse and some fish.

I have recently completed my Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, I work as a Koorie Engagement Support Officer, which is working with Koorie families in all educational and welfare type settings, I advocate, mentor and support families with many aspects of everyday life, I love my job and the families I work with even thought it can be extremely challenging at times. I also sell Body shop products and Im working on opening my own business in the next year that will be child and family focused.

I went to the premier showing of tracks with a friend who was telling me all about Tara and her charity trek she was organising, I was instantly inspired by what Tara was doing and thats what made me decide I can do this, I thought about it for a week then just jumped online and applied, I was expecting to have to prove myself, by running 10-20 kms for Tara and then riding a camel or two, thank god I didn't! I was so excited and felt honoured when I saw my name on the Chairty Camel trek page. 
I enjoy the challenge of fundraising, I love hiking, and well the camel part, I figured I could work that one out along the way, I am a real scardy cat of just about all animals and I'm terrified of the dark, and water which im guessing there wont be much of in the desert, so I figure I got a few small hurdles to cross.
The thought of being able to support such an awesome cause like freeing and supporting young girls from a life no one should ever be part of is my inspiration to do well at raising as much money as possible. 
My family and friends are behind me 100% cause they know my passion for children's well being and for a better life for people in general, I have a strong belief in my life for helping others as long as I'm capable.
Im pretty excited to meet and share stories with the rest of these inspiring woman and hopefully make lifelong friendships, I'm looking forward to sitting out under the stars around a fire, chatting and soaking up what nature intended for us, the serentiy of our land,(and a nice local red wine)!

Samantha Pearson
Mother, Artist, Belly Dancer, Home Schooler

I live in Sydney with my husband and three children and our menagerie of pets. As well as being immersed in our local homeschooling community I work as a doll artist from my home studio and I've been a student of Middle Eastern Dance for the past 7 years. 

I'd been following Tara from Outback Australian Camels on Facebook for a while when this fantastic opportunity came up.. I'm so honored to be a participant in this special adventure while raising awareness of and money for Empower International. As a mother of two young daughters and having spent part of my childhood in The Philippines this cause is close to my heart. 

As a city girl this will be an adventure of a lifetime! I haven't hiked and slept outdoors for 34 years! So far I'm enjoying the physical challenge of preparing for a week of walking. I've never seen this part of the outback before and I'm so looking forward to spending a week in a completely new environment, walking with the camels, talking with like-minded women and enjoying getting back to basics which will be a contrast from my regular life. 

I've never been around camels (but they seem lovely, don't you think?...those eyes!). I think the camels are one of the most exciting aspects of our trek. Without them it wouldn't be possible and I can't wait to learn more about them and just be around them.

Cyndie Bignell
Early Childhood Educator, Musician

I am Cyndie, and at 57 years young, I am the oldest of this adventurous group of women. I love that we have such diversity among us in many ways. I have lived mostly in the Bairnsdale, Victoria area for the last 25 years.

I have four wonderful adult children, a large and loving extended family and great partner Kevin, all of whom are the biggest focus of my life.

I am a singer/songwriter with a Bairnsdale band Mama Toto. We perform our songs and run music workshops in many places and music festivals around Victoria. I love having this creative outlet in my life and the places it takes me.

I teach in a Steiner kindergarten in Bairnsdale and love the holistic and spiritual nature of my work. Working with young children and their families is such a privilege. It is horrifying that so many children are denied their right to a safe, free and nurturing childhood. This motivates me greatly to be part of an awareness and fundraising campaign to assist children escape the sex trade industry. I feel so excited to be working together with this group of woman to fundraise a total of $10,000 to free many girls and give them a new life opportunity. To do this also by walking for 7 days with awesome camels in the desert is just amazing. I am looking forward to the walking, the communing with nature, the beautiful land and skies, the stars and moon at night, the reflection time and the camaraderie with the other woman, and of course the camels!

Jessee John
writer, traveler, creative, puppy-mama

I am a girl who was raised in a small town, but I quickly discovered my longing to explore the world. I will always call Bairnsdale, Victoria, home, & that is where I am currently residing, however the past few years for me have been spent spread over every continent. I am twenty-four years old, and I live in a tiny, lovely cottage with my long-term partner Ryan & our adored dog Rafi, who is nearly three. I have a younger sister and a younger brother, and my parents still live in our family home near Mount Taylor.

I am passionate about BEING passionate! Do what you love. For me, that is adventuring, taking photos, writing lots of words, loving animals, being creative & connecting with people of all sorts. My professional & employment history is based in creative design, marketing & advertising, but the flip side of that is experience is hospitality, from management to waitressing to music festivals to food carts. I am always DOING something - from making zines, to crocheting blankets, to campaigning and petitioning, to playing in the garden & cooking up a storm.

I am in the process now of writing my first book, which is very exciting, and also planning a cycling trip to Europe for September/October.

I love to help others, and see myself as a positive vessel for social change. By participating in the Charity Camel Trek I am combining all of my loves as well as making some noise pertaining to the injustices that are happening so close to home. I am well-ingrained into the creative scene locally and look forward to calling upon everyone I know for help & support.

Tori Stratford
Multicultural Youth Team Leader, Swimming Teacher, Mum to One Dog  

I am from Traralgon, Victoria (originally grew up in Morwell - and though I've travelled and moved around in bits and pieces, I've ended up back quite close to home!). I am 29 y/o. I heard about the trip when Tara was being interviewed on ABC local radio a couple of months ago. My ears pricked when I heard the word "Tracks", and so I found myself sitting on the side of the road in the work car enthralled to hear about this charity trek. I "face book stalked" Tara straight away and asked her if I could offer any help to the cause. The more I learnt, the more interested I became... and, well, now I am absolutely stoked (/petrified) about coming along myself. My drive to be a part of the project is twofold - 1) totally selfish reasons - I truly believe that with intense physical journeying comes emotional/soul journeying, and that it is the right time for me to take this trip. I am up for the challenge - and God knows it's gonna be one! But... I know I will come back a stronger, more grounded and balanced woman. 2) I love the charity component of the trek and working together with each of you to achieve something bigger than us all for the young women we will be raising money for. Ok next question.. where I work - I am the team leader for the Gippsland region of the Centre for Multicultural Youth, based in Morwell. I am passionate about working with asylum seeker/refugee young people - in my current role I am organising community development projects, leadership projects, etc. I love it! My history is working with unaccompanied minor asylum seekers (UAMs) and I am also currently completing my PhD researching the settlement experiences of UAMs arriving in Australia. I am also a swimming teacher every Saturday morning.


What I am most looking forward to is meeting myself on the other side of this adventure!

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