Charity Camel Trek  

Using our own two feet and camels to raise money for non-for-profit organisations close to heart

Tara Lea,  Adventuer Inspirational Speaker

For Gippsland Community Cuddle Cot please visit: 
Our Cuddle Cot (aka Cold Cot) is available for Loan to Gippsland Families Experiencing baby loss.
The Cuddle Cot can be used in-home or in hospital.


Charity Camel Trek
Using our own two feet and camels 
To raise money for non-profit organisations close to heart.


Previous Charity Camel Treks


October 2016, Baby Loss Awareness Month


Adventure Inspirational Speaker  |  Philanthropist  |  Founder of Charity Camel Trek  |  Entrepreneur 

About Tara Lea..

Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Mother & Cameleer.

Give me a stage, microphone, video camera or soapbox and I'll talk of some of the worlds most un-talked about subjects such as child sex slavery, baby loss, doing what you LOVE not what you SHOULD be doing... and....Camels! 

Life Coach turned Cameleer and company owner, it's really my 4 children (one Angel child), my life partner Russell and my 20 odd camels that create a deep surge of inspiration, creativity and growth that fuel my co-owned company Australian Camels and all Charity Camel Trek endeavours.

I stand for compassion towards humans and camels, people doing what they LOVE not what they SHOULD be doing, crunchy kale chips and down time.

I decided long ago (back in 2014) to put the FUN back into FUNdraising. No more starving myself, sucking on barley lollies or sacrificing my organic food for rice 7 days a week - not a big amount of attention nor money was given to those sacrifices! What better way to grab someones attention than with real live CAMELS!? Luckily, for the rest of the world, we (Russell & I) own a mere 20 odd one humped (dromedary) camels.

The camels are really the stars of the show, they are my humble and honest friends that will always walk by my side - I'm not a big fan of riding. My Charity Camel Treks to date (2014 & 2016) have raised over $22,000 for non-for-profit organisations close to heart.

My 'day Job' consists of mothering - human and camels (first and foremost), teaching others our Trust Based Camel Training™ method with Russell, mentoring business owners, writing, standing in front or behind a camera and throwing out To Do Lists because it's all too overwhelming!

I met my first few camels (and Camelman - Russell) in 2012, originally coming from the horse industry as a Natural Horsemanship trainer, camels were never in my life plan - ever! As the story goes, I feel in love with camels and then fell in love with Russell (in that particular order)!

As a keen naturalists (not that kind) I immersed myself into learning about how a camel thinks (completely different to a horse, incase you're wondering) camel handling, training and how to bonding with them. I'm a 'obsessive learner' which means in a short period of time (maybe one week or so) I gave up all my horses and turned camels into my life purpose. 

I'm practical and hate time-wasting which means the Charity Camel Treks that I've organised and walked not only raised money for much needed causes, but also helped heal me from my past traumas. My first ever Charity Camel Trek was to help end child sex slavery, I was sexually abused as a child. My second Charity Camel Trek was to raise awareness about baby loss, Russell and I lost Noah at 3 days old back in 2015. I heal by helping others, it's always been in my nature since a child. My 6yo self had a knowing that "If I'm hurting, then someone else is too and they need my help".

Tara's strong connections with her camels has given her strength to help heal her past traumas.

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