Charity Camel Trek 2016  

Camels For Cuddles, in Memory of Noah Lea Osborne, Too Beautiful For Earth

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Saturday 15th - 25th October 2016
Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day 
A Bereaved Mother will Walk 150km on a Self Sufficient Camel Trek along Gippsland's Rail Trail.

Camels for Cuddles, Charity Camel Trek successfully completed this trek on 25th October 2016.

We raised awareness of infant, Neo-natal, fetal & miscarriage deaths the things we don't like to talk about, but happens everyday. 

We're collected donations along the way for community Cuddle Cots for Regional Gippsland towns (servicing East Gippsland & Beyond).

In memory of Charity Camel Trek founder's infant son Noah Lea Osborne passed on at 4 days old December 2015 & brother Corey Briede, passed on at 32 years May 2016.

Tara whilst pregnant with Noah, 8 months, not knowing that she will never get to see him grow up.

Tara's fond connections with her camels has given her strength though grieving the loss of Noah.


To raise $10,000 to purchase a fully equipped Cuddle Cot for the Gippsland Region. One to service East Gippsland & one to Service Latrobe Valley Region. Cuddle Cots are $5,000 (AUD) each. 

Any additional funds will be put towards another cuddle cot or the building of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (Mercy Hospital, Melb) private outdoor garden space for families wishing to pass their baby(ies) on outdoors in the open air. This idea was inspired by our son, Noah's death where we honoured him to pass away outside in our arms instead of on a cold hospital bed.

THE 'WHY'....

Living rurally shouldn't mean that parents have to skip part of the bereavement process and have their baby taken away shortly after birth ('in a box'). The cuddle cot is for parents to take their baby home (if they wish) like they always intended and allow close family to cuddle, kiss and admire their beautiful family member. 

We (Russell & Tara) never got this opportunity to bring our baby boy Noah home in December 2015 due to no cuddle cot in our local area, 3 hours from Melbourne. We would have loved to have our children hold their baby brother as they eagerly wanted to. Now we want to bless other families with this opportunity in such great breaking times. Moments they will cherish forever in the short time they get with their baby(ies).

Russell Osborne & Tara Lea with infant son Noah on his passing day, December 2015.


A Cuddle Cot is a small cooling mat (like an electric blanket) and is designed for use with deceased babies in any moses basket or cot. It's designed for bereaved families to be used at home or used within hospitals/maternity department so families can have time, cuddles and kisses with their baby(ies) before saying their final good byes. A Cuddle Cot is worth $5000, our aim is to raise this amount and any remainder will be kept for collection of purchasing another Cuddle Cot for the wider Gippsland community. 

Our vision is to see The entire Gippsland Region aware of the Community Cuddle Cot in the unfortunate event of a baby dying in the community. It could be you, it could be a family member, it could be your friends, it could be your friend friends, or your friends friends friends... We didn't never thought it could happen to 'us'. 

The statistics prove that 6 babies in Australia die each day, there is a need for supporting bereaved families with the time to grieve at their own pace, it's our duty as the community to dismiss the taboo subject and begin to honour the babies journey as well as the parents, family & friends. 

It's something we wished that we had for Noah. We were lucky enough to have cuddles with him after his final breathe in a Melbourne Hospital, but unable to 'bring him home' as all parents wish to. We (Russell & Tara) never got this opportunity to bring Noah home due to no cuddle cot available for loan in our local area, 3 1/2 hours from Melbourne. We would have loved to have our children hold their baby brother as they eagerly wanted to and say our goody byes gradually. Since we now realise the importance of grieving to bereaved families we want to bless other families with this opportunity, the opportunity that we didn't get, but through Noah's legacy to make an important loving statement to grieving families. 

OUR ROUTE (Gippsland Rail Trail)...

This Charity Camel Trek trek, 153km following the famous heritage Gippsland Rail Trail line from Traralgon to Statrford, then back roads from Stratford, Fernbank, Lindenow & arrive at Bairnsdale to commence the Rail Trail back home to our Australian Camels farm in Nicholson, VIC (East Gippsland).

We walked for 9 days visiting rural towns along the way making known that the community cuddle cot is available for loan to any bereaved parents, not if, but when this occurs in our local community. 6 babies in Australia die from stillbirths, miscarriage, infant death and SIDS each DAY. It's our aim to spread the awareness that this happens every day and we should be talking about this more. There's nothing more a bereaved parents wants to hear than her passed away baby's name. 

Living rurally shouldn't mean that parents have to skip part of the bereavement process and have their baby taken away shortly after birth. The cuddle cot is for parents to take their baby home (if they wish) like they always intended and allow close family to cuddle, kiss and admire their beautiful family member. 

Some pictures of the successful trek... 

Tara with Jack, Coco & Syhid Along the Rail Trail for the Camels for Cuddles, Charity Camel Trek

The camels enjoyed pats at every town we stopped at & passed through.

Tara drew great strength from this VERY SPECIAL blanket that 'Syhid' carried along the trek. It has a list of baby names on it that had passed on too soon, used with permission from bereaved parents. The blanket is double sided.

Pic: Almost home! 150km down with 3km to go....

Total 153km

Tara walking the camels across Mitchell River Bridge in Bairnsdale while the local police stopped the traffic on October 25th 2016. 

Many supporters walk along. 

Bairnsdale police supported the trek with traffic assistance.


We will begin our walk from the beginning of the heritage Rail Trail in Traralgon, VIC 











Lindenow South



Nicholson - final destination 

Starting from Traralgon on October 15th 2016. 

At each town their will be a chance to come and meet our camels & collect donations for our Community's Cuddle Cot. SEE FULL SCHEDULE & ETAs HERE

If you'd like us to visit your community club or school along our journey please CONTACT us HERE

Tara trekking in the desert with her & Russell's beloved camels


  • This years Charity Camel Trek intentions is to invite people along for the walk in short stints to create a show of support and help spread the word about Camel's For Cuddles and collect donations. We cannot take a group consistently because of the limited camping options along the Rail Trail (this years CCT isn't catered for).  

Trekkers need to choose which A to B locations they want to walk along the route. There are some accommodation options along the RT in the country towns etc. NOTE: This is not a catered trek. All trekkers need to be self sufficient. Please read requirements below. 

  • Maybe you (or know of someone) who has property along the Rail Trail that can offer a paddock to camp for the night (if you know any please spread the word) and water/feed the camels? Please contact me HERE if you can help.

  • Another way to get involved is conducting a fundraising event of some kind in your local community or as an online event. 




PLEASE NOTE: This is a walking trek not a riding trek. Our beloved camel will be carrying personal supplies instead.

FITNESS REQUIREMENTS: A walking pace of 5km/hour is the approximate walking speed. Because of limited time I have away from my work, farm and family I will need to keep a steady pace to achieve the kilometres set out. Walking behind is totally fine, any stopping will be for the needs of the camels or my own needs. Unfortunately I cannot cater to the fellow trekkers needs. Please come self sufficient with water/food and any other necessary previsions. 

Thank you for your understanding. The trekker is to organise their own transport to and from their A to B locations. 



This option entails you to donate $15 for every kilometre you walk, max kilometres we can cater to = 20km. Of course you're welcome to donate more, but this is a great starting point for those that want to be involved with limited cash to spare. Choose your A to B location between the above towns listed and CONTACT me so I can inform you of a meeting point. 



This option is for advocates and people wanting to create awareness about the Gippsland Cuddle Cot. The idea is to create awareness by asking people (family, friends, work colleges) to sponsor you a certain amount to walk in this Charity Camel Trek, Camel's for Cuddles. The advantage of having sponsors is that the awareness about the cuddle cot and it's availability to people in our Gippsland community is invaluable. Whether in the future it effects sponsors directly or indirectly the word about the Cuddle Cot Service will be mentioned to help grieving families. Choose your kilometres out of the 130km of this trek, choose your A to B locations, gain sponsors, create awareness and raise money for the Charity Camel Trek, Camel's for Cuddles. Please make CONTACT with me to discuss meeting points. Max kilometres we can cater to = 20km



This option is ideal for workplaces, corporate, work colleges and community clubs to support this Camel's for Cuddles, Charity Camel Trek. Teams can be as numbered as you want them and can 'tag' at A to B locations from the towns listed above. Donations of $15 per kilometre or seeking sponsorship will be a great way to help support this cause for our Gippsland Community and bereaved parents. Please CONTACT me to discuss team options & meeting points.


Charity Camel Trek Day by Day & Town Visiting Schedules


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Previous (2014) Charity Camel Trek....

$5,369 more than original goal!


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